from little acorns mighty oak trees will grow

Gan Alon Pre-school




•  You can apply for a place at any time from your child's birth.  

•  Registration is free.

•  Places are offered from the October before the academic year in which

   your child is due to start.  

•  Offers are made by email.  

•  Gan Alon has space for 36 children.

•  Gan Alon is registered to accept children from the age of 2 years and

   9 months.  Children therefore start Gan Alon in the term that they turn 3.


Gan Alon operates a waiting list system.  If there are more applicants than vacancies, places are allocated in the following order:


1   Returning families of NNLS/Masorti Members

2   NNLS members

3   Other Masorti synagogue members

4   All staff working in the various organisations on the Sternberg Centre site

5   Other children


It is advisable to send in your registration form as early as possible as the receipt date is used when allocating places.  All applications will be acknowledged by email.


Gan Alon does not offer places by distance.