from little acorns mighty oak trees will grow

Gan Alon Pre-school


Food is a crucial part of the pre-school programme.  Eating is essential to physical development it bolsters the immune system and improves concentration.

Mealtimes provide an opportunity to socialise,  learn to make healthy choices, experience different foods and understand the laws of kashrut.

We are a nut free Pre-school. Gan Alon will inform staff, parents and carers about the existence of any allergies by sending out a letter that names that child and describes his/her allergic condition.

Food & Nutrition

Snack time

A nutritious snack is provided every day, this snack consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, milk or water and a breadstick.



At midday we stop for lunch.  After children have washed their hands they enjoy their packed lunch but on a Thursday, Gan Alon provides a hot lunch from the Strudel Café (under the auspices of the Masorti Bet Din) and everybody eats the same meal altogether.


Cooking Activities

Cooking activities are an essential component of any early years setting, they are relevant to all six areas of the foundation stage.



Gan Alon honours the significance of each child’s birthday. Gan Alon staff will bake a plain sponge cake with the birthday child and they will decorate it together.  The cake will be shared by all the children at snack time.

Food and nutrition final