from little acorns mighty oak trees will grow

Gan Alon Pre-school


Forest School

Gan Alon has regular Forest School sessions and children progress their learning and development through leading their own explorations in our private forest within the grounds of the Sternberg Centre.


Children engage with the natural world using all their senses, exploring the environment and developing a deep respect for nature.


Staff have undertaken specialised training so that children can make use of this extraordinary facility.  


Forest School sessions impact positively on children’s learning and development, increasing self-confidence, emotional resilience, independence, motivation to learn, teamwork and social and communication skills. These effects are usually seen in building a positive attitude to learning and increasing personal development potential.


Progression has also been observed in children’s language, literacy, physical stamina, problem solving skills and knowledge of the natural world.


When do we go?

We go to Forest School all during the week, weather permitting.  We do not have a specific day or time - we want to spread the opportunity to as many children as we can.  


What do the children wear?

Children leave a pair of wellington boots, hat and gloves at Gan Alon for the academic year. Gan Alon provide fleeces and waterproof jackets/trousers that go over clothing and these are kept and washed at Gan Alon.  


What do we do there?

The children explore, dig, climb and forage.  Nothing children do in the forest can be replicated within the confines of a building or classroom.  

IMG_4884 IMG_4666 Forest School square