from little acorns mighty oak trees will grow

Gan Alon Pre-school


Manager's Welcome

Thank you for looking at our website and welcome to Gan Alon Pre-school.


Here at Gan Alon we aim to create first and foremost a happy nurturing environment providing a seamless transition between home and our Pre-school.


Together with my professional staff team, we plan a highly stimulating and constantly changing programme.  The way we do this is to offer ‘enabling spaces’ so children are in Woodwork , or the Builders Yard, or making items from recycled materials,  or perhaps in the Mud Kitchen, at Forest School, or making their own birthday cake and challah.  

Gan Alon has been actively designed to encourage children to 'have a go', explore their creativity, test their ideas, develop their language, learn to co-operate with adults and children and achieve.


Gan Alon is the Pre-school of the New North London Synagogue and aims to immerse children in the traditions and values of modern Jewish life. We encourage our children to enjoy the Jewish ethos through songs, stories and celebrations.  We also aim to show our children that in this multi-cultural environment other children are celebrating their own festivals with their own traditions and beliefs.  


We want our children to have such a positive experience here that it will be one they never forget.  Gan Alon aims to give our children the foundation they need to accept the new challenges ahead with healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. Once a Gan Alon child, always a Gan Alon child.  


I look forward to welcoming your family to Gan Alon.



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